Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene's effect on roadways in Princeton, NJ

It's Monday Aug 29, 3 pm, the day after hurricane Irene blew through. For historic remembrance, I'm capturing here the list (gleaned from the Princeton Patch website) of roads still closed 24 hours after all the action. We live in a small town; are there any roads in Princeton NOT closed due to trees or flooding or both? Friends have been kayaking around the major roadways today. Here's what's published today:

The following roads will be closed for the week, Princeton Township Police:

Rosedale Road
Quaker Road
Mercer Street
Route 206 (3 sections)
S. Harrison
Route 27

Police reported the following road closures on Sunday due to flooding:

Quaker Road
Mercer Road at Hale
Rosedale Road
River Road (trees and wires also down)
Alexander Road at the canal
Pretty Brook Road

The following roads were reported closed on Sunday due to trees and/or wires down:

Snowden between Van Dyke and Herrontown
Adams at Riverside
Parkside Drive
Magnolia Lane
Bunn Drive
Stuart Road
Herrontown at Poor Farm Road
Cherry Hill at Red Hill
Rt. 206 between Ewing and Herrontown
Lambert Drive
Herrontown Circle
Adams Dr. at Riverside Drive
Rt. 206 at Birch Ave

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